Brookwood School

School Council

Brookwood School is pleased to have a very active and supportive school council. School Council meetings are normally held once a month, on the fourth Monday starting at 7pm. Meetings are held in the art room or staff room.

All parents who are present at these meetings are permitted to vote on all motions. Your suggestions are very important, so plan to come whenever possible.  

Our School Council's purposes are: 

  • To encourage more parents to become involved in the education of their children with the net result of having a more effective school
  • To provide a formalized structure in order to assist the school with the education of children

Please look for the "News from Our School Council" which will be sent home periodically copied on goldenrod paper. 

The School Council is an active member of the Alberta School Council Association. Through this membership, our school council ensures that the voice of our school community is heard on a provincial level. 

Parents' Collective Commitments 

These commitments were developed by School Council Parents who attended a School Planning Retreat. These commitments were reviewed in 2010. It is the hope of our School Council that all parents will become familiar with these commitments and will assist in creating a strong learning environment for children of Brookwood.  See Parents' Collective Commitments.

School Council Mission

Brookwood School Council is committed to our children.

School Council Vision

Our Children... Our Future

Responsibilities of the Council

The Council’s overall responsibility is to work with and provide advice to the school principal and perform duties or functions delegated to it by the Board (Section 17 11 of the School Act). 

2018-2019 School Council Roles

Chairperson - Ashley Southworth

This person is responsible for running the monthly meetings. He or she sets the agenda, distributes correspondence, and works with the Principal and Assistant Principal to make sure school issues are covered at the meetings.

Vice Chairperson - Lei Gryshik

This position runs the meetings if the Chairperson is unable to attend. The vice chair is also responsible for creating the yearly report to the School Board.

Secretary - Brenda Carlson

The secretary’s job entails the taking and distribution of the minutes for all meetings, as well as filing any correspondence.

Tel-A-Pal Coordinator - Ashley Southworth

The Tel-A-Pal coordinator is responsible for putting up calendars and ensuring all days are filled with volunteers. 

2018-2019 School Council Agendas & Minutes

View Past School Council Agendas and Minutes >>>


For more information contact:
Brookwood School
Phone: 780-962-3942