Brookwood School

Mindfulness / Mindful Practices

As part of Brookwood’s commitment to Alberta Education and Parkland School Division’s action on Student Wellness and PSD’s Student Resiliency Project, the staff of Brookwood has undertaken a professional learning journey into understanding and implementing Mindfulness/Mindful Practices at Brookwood School. 

We have committed time and resources to implement Mindfulness at Brookwood. We believe in the value of Mindfulness as an approach that supports our commitment to teaching the whole child: nurturing academic, social and emotional learning for all children.

Mindful Gratitude

Over the next few months, as part of our Mindfulness/Mindful Practices Initiative, we will be looking at gratitude as an action of mindfulness. Our objective will be to give students and staff an awareness of the gratitude that they have for others and the power of gratitude in promoting a positive outlook and positive experiences.

Please see the Gratitude Newsletter document for more information.

Mindfulness Resources

The main Mindfulness resources for the staff of Brookwood are: 

Mindful Minutes / Mindfulness Practice

As part of our commitment to not only provide parents with an understanding of our Mindfulness work at Brookwood but also to support our goal of providing resources that families can use to promote Mindfulness Practices at home, please see the Mindful Minutes/Mindfulness Practices below. These Mindful Minutes/Mindfulness Practices are the guided practices that we have been using each morning to help students, staff and visitors begin the day but could be used at any time of the day. These narrated Mindful Minutes are a few minutes in length and are part of the Mindfulness Practice we have worked on so far.

Mindful Minutes

Mindfulness Documents