Brookwood School

Education Plan

Brookwood School's Education Plan is an integral component of our school accountability and assurance. This plan is an extension of the Parkland School Division Education Plan, which sets out our educational priorities and assurance elements within the domains of education, while outlining our Vision, Mission, Values, Ultimate Goal and Priorities. These important components of our plan are designed to deliver on obligations to our students, parents, staff and community stakeholders. A strong plan implements strategies to maintain or improve student learning and achievement - while monitoring and adjusting as needed - and to help the school and division in making evidence-based decisions.

The Education Plan begins with a bold new Vision and Mission, created and affirmed by the division’s leaders, staff and stakeholders in the Spring of 2019. An Education Plan reveals the map and provides:

  • A strong Vision to firmly state where we want and expect to be in the future;
  • A clear Mission to state how we intend to travel;
  • An Ultimate Goal that shows the reward for getting where we are headed;
  • Values that serve as guide rails and keep us on the path;
  • Priorities that enable us to continuously check that we’re going the right direction;
  • Assurance Elements that are the objectives we need to attend to along the way to build confidence; and
  • Strategies that capture how we plan to attend to those objectives.

As a blueprint for success, this plan endeavors to see that all schools in the division are on the same voyage. Brookwood School strives to engage our students, staff, parents and community in creating strategies with clear outcomes that pave the way to Student Success and Well-Being.

By participating in Alberta Education’s Assurance Model, our school and our stakeholders are actively engaged in the development of our own local priorities and plans. Our education plan allows us to remain simultaneously forward-thinking and responsive to stakeholder concerns.

As Brookwood School is committed to growth and learning, our educational planning is a process without beginning or end. By developing clearly visible elements and effective strategies in our education planning process, we actively contribute to creating a transformative and transparent school division.